About Gear Personal Fitness

Gear Personal Fitness serves you with the clear understanding that: convenience; motivation; exercise knowledge; exercise tools; and support are the ingredients necessary for successful, short and long term participation in exercise

Getting the fitness results that you desire will be accomplished with:

  • Innovation
  • A comprehensive approach
  • Determination
  • Realistic expectations and plans

About the Founder:

Russell A. Banks III, founder, owner of Gear Personal Fitness began as a certified fitness trainer with NSPA and NASM, two nationally accredited fitness certification organizations.

Russell's mission is to partner with, lead by example, inspire, and commit to individuals with the desire to change their body and improve their health.

Accomplishments include:

  • Founded Gear PersonalFitness in 1998
  • 15+ years of helping hundreds of individuals achieve their fitness goals and continue their practice
  • Created, developed, and produced iWeeve (the workout album) (2006)

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