Downloading And Importing iWeeve™

FAQ:   When downloading or importing iWeeve™ how do I make certain the titles in the playlist appear in the proper order?

iWeeve™:  The order iWeeve™ playlist track titles display, is paramount.  After downloading or importing iWeeve™, before creating your ‘New Playlist’ toggle the Name ▼  Time ▲  Artist ▼  Album ▲ tabs at the top of your iTunes music library until 'iWeeve Disclaimer' is the first title and 'iWeeve Again' is the last title. Once these two titles display as the book-ends of the playlist all other titles will display in the correct sequence.

Inserting Music into iWeeve™

FAQ:   If I unintentionally rearrange the correct order iWeeve™ tracks should display in my 'New Playlist' how do I restore the correct order?

iWeeve™:  ❌ Delete the disorganized iWeeve™ playlist from your 'New Playlist'.  Then, under the column labeled LIBRARY click on the ⚑ Music heading.  In the search bar, top right corner of your iTunes library, type the title of your iWeeve™ playlist.  The original playlist in your iTunes music library will display intact. The order iWeeve playlist track titles display, is paramount.  Recreate your 'New Playlist'.


FAQ:   How do I view partially hidden navigation titles which may indicate where I'm to add songs?

iWeeve™:   Right ☞click your mouse on the navigation title you wish to view.

FAQ:   How do I know where to add my music?

iWeeve™:   + Add music underneath navigation titles that display a + symbol.  Add or weave in the suggested song quantities & durations🕘.

FAQ   Where can I view the duration of my songs?

iWeeve™:   In the info column, labeled [ Time ] in your iTunes music library, song durations🕙 are displayed.

FAQ   What if songs I want to add to my iWeeve™ playlists are shorter than suggested?

iWeeve™:   Choose songs with the proper song duration or add multiple songs equal to the suggested duration.  If your music track exceeds the time you need to finish an exercise just ⏩ skip to your next track.

Getting The Most from iWeeve™

FAQ   How do I decide exactly how many pounds of weight I should exercise with based on the weight suggestions iWeeve™ provides?

iWeeve™:   If you are not familiar with your strength and limitations work with the lesser weight suggestions.  If you are experiencing muscle fatigue from the previous exercise use the > lesser weight suggestions.

FAQ   What do I do if I complete my exercise sets before my song ends?

iWeeve™:   Unless you need more rest and muscle recovery time ⏩ skip to your next track.  Later you can change your song to one that equals the time it takes you to do your exercise set.